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Hebrew OER Textbooks

book cover      The Online Hebrew Tutorial by Ben Stitz (2000): Ben Stitz

This tutorial teaches both Biblical and Modern Hebrew, with an emphasis on Modern Hebrew as spoken in Israel today. This is because with Hebrew, the past cannot be meaningfully separated from the present. The lessons begin with the alphabet and vocalization, and then move into parts of speech. Also includes full solutions to quizzes and exercises at the end of the text. 

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      Modern Hebrew Textbook by Unknown Author (2020): Wikibooks

People around the world study Hebrew for various reasons: They are living in Israel, immigrated there or having contact with Israeli Hebrew speakers. They are Jewish and learn it as part of their studies of the Jewish sacred books, or just as cultural heritage. They are Believers of some parts of Jewish sacred books, like Bible or Kabbalah, and willing to learn by source's language. They are generally interested in languages and study Hebrew like every other language.


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