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OER: Open Educational Resources

OER Resources

As previously noted, OER are basically anything you can utilize in a course that are open to use - from full courses to textbooks, from individual modules to media components.  Unfortunately, there isn't a single tool that harvests everything for us, so below are some general resources that you can use to help identify OER materials.

OpenStax Merlot Pixaby
Merlot OEConsortium Wikimedia Commons
California Open Education Resources Council Showcase Serendipity CreativeCommons
University of MN Open Textbooks SkillsCommon DigCCMixter
Open SUNY EdX Wiley Journals
BC Campus MIT OCW Springer Open Journals
Directory of Open Access Books Lumen Learning TEDTalks
Saylor Academy OER Commons Crash Course
Noba Project Saylor Course Resource Guides  
College of the Canyons ZTC textbooks    
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