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undefined      College Success by Various Authors (2020): OpenStax.

OpenStax College Success is a comprehensive and contemporary resource that serves First Year Experience, Student Success, and College Transition courses. Developed with the support of hundreds of faculty and coordinators, the book addresses the evolving challenges and opportunities of today’s diverse students. Engagement, self-analysis, personal responsibility, and student support are reflected throughout the material. College Success also includes an array of student surveys and opinion polls, and OpenStax will regularly provide the results to adopting faculty.  

book cover      Strategies for Academic Success by Liv Marken (2020): University of Saskatchewan/BCcampus. 

Strategies for Academic Success accompanies the first-year University of Saskatchewan College of Arts and Science online course by the same name. However, the information it contains will apply to post-secondary institutions all over. The textbook has a reader-friendly format arranged to help you develop the essential skills and provide the information you need to succeed in university.

book cover      College Success (2015): University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing.

College Success has a student-friendly format arranged to help you develop the essential skills and provide the information you need to succeed in college. This is not a textbook full of theory and extensive detail that merely discusses student success; rather, this is a how-to manual for succeeding in college. The book provides realistic, practical guidance ranging from study skills to personal health, from test taking to managing time and money. Furthermore, College Success is accessible—information is presented concisely and as simply as possible.

book cover      Foundations of Academic Success: Words of Wisdom by Thomas Priester (2015): Open SUNY. 

Foundations of Academic Success: Words of Wisdom introduces you to the various aspects of student and academic life on campus and prepares you to thrive as a successful college student (since there is a difference between a college student and a successful college student). The lessons learned are meant to enlarge your awareness of self with respect to your academic and personal goals and assist you to gain the necessary skills to succeed in college.

book cover      Blueprint for Success in College and Career by Dave Dillon (2019): Rebus Community. 

A free, Open Educational Resource, Blueprint for Success in College and Career is a students' guide for classroom and career success. This text, designed to show how to be successful in college and in career preparation focuses on study skills, time management, career exploration, health, and financial literacy.

book cover      Introduction to College and Strategies for Success by Erika Torgeson (2020): College of the Canyons. 

Covers topics including how college works, how to stay motivated and on track, organization skills, cultural diversity and inclusion, study skills, financial literacy, career explorations and academic planning. 

book cover      Learning to Learn by Julie Hovden, Anh Nguyen & Aivee Ortega (2020): College of the Canyons. 

Covers topics including time management skills, critical thinking, active listening and note-taking in lectures, motivation and goal-setting, test prep and test taking, memory and information processing functions of the brain, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and managing stress.

book cover      Student Success by Graciela Martinez, Anh Nguyen & Liz Shaker (2020): College of the Canyons. 

Covers topics including self awareness, fixed vs growth mindset, cultural diversity on campus, effective communication with peers and professors, self-efficacy, motivation, time management skills, and academic integrity. 



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