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Computers & Printing: Computers and Printing

Library Hours

Aug 29 - Dec 18

 Monday - Thursday

8 a.m. - 8 p.m.


9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

No Computer Access During Library Closure

While the Library space has reopened for currently enrolled LAVC and LACCD students, staff, and faculty, there is currently no access to computers, printing, photocopying, or scanning in the Library (on the first floor of LARC). These services may be accessed in the Computer Commons, on the second floor of LARC upstairs from the Library.

Computers and Printing


The Library offers more than 60 computers for student use. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You must be a registered student to use a library computer.

To access a public computer, you must login with your LACCD email address (everything before the "@") and your 4-digit date of birth (MMDD).

Computer Policies

The stand-up computer stations directly across from the reference desk do not require a login and are "Quick Use" only, limited to 15 minutes. Otherwise, we do not monitor computer use in the library, but we ask that you are considerate of your fellow students. If there is a wait to use a computer, and you are occupying a computer for non-academic tasks, please consider relinquishing your work station. 

If there is a wait to use a computer, and/or a librarian determines that your work is not course-related, you may be asked to leave your workstation.

Laptops & Tablets

The Library has laptop and tablet computers available for 3-hour checkout. Please inquire at the Circulation Desk.


B&W printing costs .10 cents a page and color printing is .25 cents a page. There are several B&W print stations throughout the library. There is only one color printer, which is located behind the reference desk.

To print, simply select "print" from your file menu as you would from any computer. To retrieve your print job, check the monitor at one of the print release stations. You can identify your print job by selecting your username (your computer login) from the list of print jobs. Once you select your name/job, you will be prompted to pay.

Only the print release station in the copy room accepts credit cards. All other print release stations are cash only.
For detailed, step-by-step instructions on using the library's print release stations, please review this guide.

Copy Machines

The Library has several black & white copy machines and one color machine. B&W printing costs .10 cents per page and color printing is .25 cents per page.


We have two self-serve scanners available for student use. Students who need to scan have priority at the computer workstations with scanners attached.