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Respiratory Therapy Resources at the LAVC Library


Hello Respiratory Therapy students! This guide focuses on the Respiratory Therapy-related materials (databases, eBooks, websites, etc.) that are available to you through the LAVC Library website and beyond. It's a one-stop-shop for your RT research needs!

The guide is organized as follows:

  • Library Databases: each page listed under "Library Databases" (CINAHL, PubMed, Cochrane Library, Human Anatomy, eBooks, Steaming Video) is dedicated to a specific database that focuses on health and respiratory therapy-related topics. These databases will help you find articles, (e)books, interactive 3D models, and videos on a wide variety of RT topics.
  • Library Books: RT-related print books available in-person at the LAVC Library.
  • More Library Databases: even more ways to search for RT-related material, including databases that focus on health administration/management, multi-subject databases, and additional health/science databases.
  • Other Helpful Websites: recommended websites beyond the LAVC Library, including Evidence Based Practice (EBP) sites, clinical practice guidelines sites, professional/medical association sites, lung/breath sound sites, health statistics/data sites, and medication/prescription drug sites.
  • RT Careers, Exams, & Volunteering: information about careers in respiratory therapy, credentials and exam prep, help with resumes/interviews/networking, job search websites, and volunteering opportunities.
  • Citing Sources: help with citing your sources (books, articles, videos, etc.) and formatting your papers in the correct style.
  • Off-Campus Access: directions for accessing all the Library material from off-campus.

And, in addition to this guide, don't forget to bookmark these official LAVC Respiratory Therapy pages, which will also provide you with invaluable information as you work your way through the RT program at LAVC:

Video: Library Help

In the video below [4:13], one of your LAVC librarians welcomes you to our website and shows you a few ways to find information and ask for help. After watching the video, work your way through this guide by using the blue navigation tabs on the left side of the screen (top for mobile users), or the "Previous/Next" buttons at the bottom of each page.

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