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Nursing Resources at the LAVC Library

Beyond LAVC...

Not finding everything you need on the LAVC Library website? Sometimes, your research needs will require you to venture from the Library website in order to find the information you're after. If that's the case, scroll below for some reliable non-LAVC websites that may be helpful. We have organized our recommended websites under the following categories: evidence-based practice (EBP), clinical practice guidelines, health statistics/data, and medication/prescription drugs.

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Sites


Clinical Practice Guidelines Sites

Note: Clinical practice guidelines can be found in CINAHL (Advanced Search > Publication Type > Practice Guidelines) and PubMed (in the far-left column of a results list, click on "Practice Guideline" under "Article Type")

National Databases

Professional Medical Societies' Guidelines


Health Statistics and Data Sites

Local and State Health Stats

Note: you can also find state-level data in some of the (inter)national sites listed below (like the CDC sites, for example).


National and Global Health Stats


Medication/Prescription Drug Sites

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