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Nursing Resources at the LAVC Library

Gale eBooks

screenshot of databases button from library homepage

Gale eBooks is accessed through the LAVC Library website. To find it, click on the green, circular "Databases" button near the top of the Library homepage, then, scroll down the alphabetical list and click on "Gale eBooks." Clicking on the Gale eBooks link above (in blue) will also take you to the database.


Heads up: If you are using the Library website from off-campus, you will eventually be required to "log in." When that time comes, please follow these directions for logging into the Library website from off-campus.


Tips: Gale eBooks

  • Take advantage of their Medicine Collection: the ebooks in this database are organized into "collections" based on subject matter (e.g. Arts, Business, History, Literature, etc.). To narrow down your results to nursing-related ebooks, click on Medicine, located on the far-left hand side of the Gale eBooks homepage, under "Browse Collections."


  • Use "Search within" boxes: Gale eBooks will allow you to search for specific words or phrases inside the entire Medicine Collection, or within individual books themselves. Look for search boxes that say "Search within Collection" or "Search within Publication" (see screenshots, below) and use them to quickly narrow down your results to relevant books or chapters/pages.

Search within collection boxSearch within publication box





Additional Help: Instructional Materials


More Ebook Databases

In addition to Gale eBooks, the LAVC Library offers access to thousands of medical- and nursing-related ebooks in the following databases:

For in-depth help with using these databases, please refer to LAVC Library's Ebooks Guide.

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