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ENG 101 - Carroll - Fall 2019


This guide will help you complete your Library Assignment as well as your Annotated Bibliography and Research Paper Assignments

Who Was William Shakespeare?

One-Minute Paper

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Find Help After Class

For more in-depth help, see the Get Research Help menu on the library homepage:

Screenshot of LAVC Website showing the Get Research Help menu options

Using Library Databases From Off Campus AKA What Is My UIA?

You can use OneSearch and any other library resources from off campus, but you will be prompted to login with your UIA

Your UIA is the login you use to access library and computer commons computers, and gets you on to the LAVC-Wireless wifi network

USERNAME: the unique portion of your LACCD.EDU email address:

PASSWORD: your 4-digit Month and Birthday (for example: January 6, would be 0106)

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