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Nursing Resources at the LAVC Library

Cochrane Library

screenshot of databases button from library homepage

Cochrane Library is accessed through the LAVC Library website. To find it, click on the green, circular "Databases" button near the top of the Library homepage, then, scroll down the alphabetical list and click on Cochrane Library. Clicking on the Cochrane Library link above (in blue) will also take you to the database. 

Heads up: If you are using the Library website from off-campus, you will eventually be required to "log in." When that time comes, please follow these directions for logging into the Library website from off-campus.


Getting Started: Instructional Video 

Watch the video [2:24] below for a quick overview of the Cochrane Library homepage and some of your search options:


Additional Info 

For a complete list of Cochrane Library training materials, please refer to the Cochrane Library Training Hub.

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