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Counseling: Library Welcome

Library Welcome

Library Welcome Handout -- Link to Accessible Word Doc Below

How to Use This Online Guide

This online guide is designed to get you started in college-level research. The guide contains 5 separate tabs (just above this box):

  • If your class is coming to the Library for instruction, we expect you (and your professor may require you) to complete the Tutorial tab before you come to class in the Library. If your class is not coming in, or you are in an online section, your professor may have assigned the Tutorial as a requirement for your class.
  • If your class is coming to the Library for instruction, we'll use the In Class tab once we all meet in person.
  • The other two tabs (Homework and Counseling 20: Career Paper support assignments in the Counseling 1 and Counseling 20 workbooks. Your professor will provide more information about these assignments.

A Virtual Tour of Your Library

Find Help After Class

For more, go to Get Research Help (pictured below) on the library homepage.

Library website link for Research Help

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