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Sociology Research Guide

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Find Sources

Also known as "Scholarly Articles," "Peer-Reviewed Articles," or "Academic Articles," these are:

  • Written and reviewed by scholars and provide new research, analysis, or information about a specific topic.
    • "Review" means the article is approved by other experts before publication
  • Usually focused on a narrow subject or a single case study
  • Intended for an academic audience

Find Sociology Articles:

Unlike journal articles, scholarly books:

  • Are written on a broader, general subject
  • May contain a collection of related chapters by different authors
  • Contain less recent information

Remember: you may only need to read one chapter of a scholarly book!


Find Books & eBooks:

A piece of paper filled with charts, graphs, and numbersStatistics provide an interpretation and summary of data. For Sociology research, you may be particularly interested in statistics about income, education, social mobility, and diversity within various communities. 

Key Features of Statistics:

  • Numbers that can answer questions that start "how many...?" or "how much...?"
  • Result of data analysis
  • Numbers that tell a story (unlike raw data, which still needs interpreted)

Find Statistics:

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