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PTK HIA 2020: Project Details & Links

2020 Topic

This year, we are researching the many dimensions of DISEASE -- a topic that permeates so many aspects of our lives in these very strange times, and under more normal circumstances weighs heavily on individuals, families, and societies in a huge complexity of ways.

LAVC HIA Team Resources

This year's project is using Google Classroom to manage timelines, assignments, resources, and other info. In addition, we are using Google Drive (not Google Classroom) to store our shared files. To join/access this Google Classroom and/or our shared Google Drive folder, please contact the VP of Scholarship or your PTK Faculty Advisor.

Guidance from the PTK Mothership

2020 Topic Details

[Also posted in Google Classroom by Chris W on 3/11, edited 4/6]

Subtopics discussed at the latest officer meeting:

*Who to interview: medical experts, lab workers, policy makers
*Outreach/Action opportunities: healthcare activism, blood drive volunteering, micro-swab study
*Media influences
*Genetic modification, including CRISPR Cas-9
*Health insurance
*Melanoma is relevant to this area; may cause fashion changes: clothing with SPF
*COVID-19. Long-term affects on people's habits from this outbreak?
*Antibiotic resistance
*Mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. Genetically engineered mosquitoes kill other mosquitoes.
*Fighting disease with disease (Hypertumors, and infecting mosquitoes with Wolbachia bacteria makes them unable to carry Dengue fever)

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