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CQ Researcher

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This guide will help you with using one of LAVC Library's most popular databases:  CQ Researcher . Use the blue tabs on the left-hand side of the guide (or the buttons at the bottom of each page) to navigate.

CQ Researcher is a great database for researching current -- often controversial -- political and social issues. Information is presented in the form of Reports, in-depth articles written by experienced  journalists and verified by professional fact-checkers (more on CQ Researcher reports in the "Full Reports vs. Short Reports" portion of this guide).

CQ Researcher is often used in conjunction with another one of LAVC Library's popular databases: Opposing Viewpoints in Context. For help with using Opposing Viewpoints in Context, please refer to our guide. LAVC librarians recommend using both Opposing Viewpoints and CQ Researcher if you are researching current, controversial political/social issues.

Heads up: If you are using the Library website from off-campus, you will be asked to "log in" at some point. Please follow these directions for logging into the Library website from off-campus.



Video (3:43): CQ Researcher Overview

For a quick introduction and overview of the CQ Researcher database, take a look at the video below. For more details on different aspects of CQ Researcher, explore the rest this guide.

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