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CQ Researcher

How to Save and Cite CQ Researcher Reports

Use the buttons located at the top of every Report to help you save articles and generate automatic citations (see screenshot, below):

Screenshot of view PDF, cite, print, email, save buttons

  • View PDF: download a PDF of the Report, then, save it to your computer or put it on a USB flash drive.
  • Cite Now: generate a full citation of the Report in MLA/APA/Chicago/Blue Book styles (see Warning below).
  • Print: prefer to hold the Report in your hand? Find your print options here.
  • Email: email a PDF (or link) of the Report to yourself to read later.
  • Save: create a CQ Researcher profile and save up to 50 documents for future reference.

Warning: CQ Researcher Report Citations

Be careful! Occasionally, CQ Researcher (and other databases) will generate an incorrect citation. Before you copy/paste any of these citations into your work, make sure to take the time to check them for accuracy. Common citation mistakes include: no hanging indent, incorrect use of italics, incorrect use of capital letters, improper inclusion of a URL.

The LAVC Library recommends citing CQ Researcher Reports as if they were magazine articles from a website (more on classifying CQ Researcher Reports on the previous page of this guide).

Please refer to the "magazine article from a website" examples in our MLA and APA citation guides for help with citing these Reports correctly. When CQ Researcher makes a citation for you, they are closely following this format.

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