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Counseling 20 Career Paper

Other Databases on the LAVC Library Website

After using OneSearch, try out some other databases on the Library website in order to find even more sources on your career (including videos). Our entire list of databases can be found by clicking on the green "Databases" button on the Library homepage. Our recommendations for this assignment are listed below.

If you are using the Library website from off-campus, you will be asked to "log in" at some point. Please follow these directions for logging into the Library website from off-campus.

Best Databases for Newspaper, Magazine, and Scholarly Journal Articles
For tips on how to use these, see "Database Tutorials" below

Best Databases for Streaming Media (Video/Film)
For tips on how to use these, see "Database Tutorials" below

Did you use one of the streaming databases above for your Career Paper assignment? Make sure you're citing it correctly in MLA or APA style. If you're not sure which style is required for this class, ask your professor.
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