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Library Instruction

Library Research Toolkit

The Library Research Toolkit (LRT) is a stand-alone Canvas shell comprised of 7 individual modules, each designed to support essential learning outcomes related to the research process – everything from coming up with a research topic, to using Library databases to find relevant sources, to citing your sources correctly in MLA/APA style (see attachment for module-by-module breakdown). All of the modules within the Toolkit are asynchronous lessons composed of readings, videos, interactive activities, and quizzes.  

Students and instructors can easily self-enroll in the Research Toolkit from the Library website. While the order that the modules appear in is intentional, we encourage instructors to mix-and-match the modules however they see fit – you can assign as many (or as little) of them to your students as you like, and in any order that you think makes the most sense. Students will have the option to receive a “completion email” at the end of each module that they can email to you as proof of their work. 

If the LRT sounds like something you might be interested in, please take a look at the PDF below for details about each module and how to assign them to your students. We’re confident that our Research Toolkit will help guide them through the research process and improve their research and information literacy skills.

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