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Embedding Library Resources in Canvas: Swank

This guide is designed for LAVC faculty interested in adding Library resources into their Canvas courses

What is Swank?

Swank is a repository of feature films from most major Hollywood studios along with a collection of about four hundred foreign films. The Library provides a selection of popular, curriculum-relevant films on-demand while many others may be available upon request.

You can access Swank from the Library's A-Z list of databases. Note that off-campus access to Swank requires a login.

Requesting a Film for your Class

When you access Swank, the platform will ask if you are an instructor or student. If you want to browse films in the Swank catalog and request new titles for LAVC, we recommend that you choose "Instructor." Only instructors can view films that are currently unavailable and submit requests.

student or instructor prompt

Choosing one of these options will get you inside Swank's platform, but instructor accounts require a separate login if you want to request a film. Notice the login prompt in the upper left corner of your screen:

"create account or log in" prompt

Follow Swank's prompts to create your account (or log in if you're returning). Once you're logged, you can search Swank's catalog and request films:

Swank request button

 We endeavor to respond to requests within 24 hours (M-F).

Linking Swank Films From Canvas

Swank films cannot be embedded directly in Canvas. Instead, you can include the direct link to the film inside your Canvas shell, which will take the student through the library's authentication page if they are off-campus.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions:

Please note: according Swank's licensing agreement, the Swank streaming portal is not intended to be used via screen sharing platforms, such as Zoom.

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