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Psychology 1 - Saliminejad - Fall 2019: Find Sources

OneSearch: Your one-stop shop

OneSearch (the big search box on the Library homepage) is kind of a portal that searches the Library Catalog plus some of the Library databases at once. It's a good place to go when you're not sure where to start, or when your topic covers multiple disciplines.

When you go to the Library homepage, "All" and "Everything" are already selected. Search here to find all kinds of documents. On the next screen (on the left side), you can narrow down to just books, just magazine articles, etc. Click here to learn how to narrow down your search results.

If you know you're looking for articles from a peer-reviewed, academic/scholarly journal, choose "Scholarly articles only" before you start searching. If you do an advanced search after your initial search, make sure the "Peer Reviewed" box is still checked (click on "Show More" under the date slider, on the left side).

If you're only looking for books, choose "Books & ebooks only" before you start searching. If you don't want ebooks, on the next screen (on the left side), choose "Books (not ebooks)." 

Articles from Individual Databases

Why would you use an individual database rather than OneSearch? Some databases have special search features not available in OneSearch, and some databases (like the two examples listed below) have sources that wouldn't be included in OneSearch search results.

Background Research

Wikipedia (which is a type of encyclopedia) is not allowed as a source for most classes, but the Library has many encyclopedias and dictionaries that you CAN use as sources for background information for college assignments. A few examples are listed below.

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