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Sociology 2 - Spring 2020- Hassan: Find Sources

How To Find Articles Using OneSearch

Q: What is OneSearch?

A: OneSearch, located on the Library homepage, is the Library's discovery tool. It searches the Library's collection of print books, ebooks, and a selection of articles from several databases. It's a good place to go when you're not sure where to start, or when your topic covers multiple disciplines.

Q: How do I use OneSearch to find articles?

A: Type subjects, topics, authors, titles, etc. into the OneSearch search bar on the Library homepage and click the magnifying glass to initiate a search. Once you are at the results screen, use the search bar's dropdown menu to select the option "Articles Only,"  then press the magnifying glass again to narrow down your results to articles only.


Q: How do I find specific types of articles (e.g. scholarly (sometimes called academic or peer-reviewed) journals, newspapers, magazines)?

A: Once you are looking at a results list, use the limiters on the left-hand side (under "Refine your results") to specify what type of article you want.

For scholarly journal articles, click on "Scholarly Journals" under "Show Only":

scholarly journal search limiter


For newspaper articles, click on "Newspaper Search" under the "Resource Type" heading:


For magazine articles: first, click on "Articles" under "Resource Type," then, click on the red check mark/box to the right of "Scholarly Journals" under "Show Only."


Recommended Databases for Your Assignment

As an alternative to OneSearch, you can use individual databases. Some databases are not included in OneSearch, and even those that are will give you different search options outside of OneSearch.

Internet Sources

Background Research

Wikipedia (which is a type of encyclopedia) is not allowed as a source for most classes, but the Library has many encyclopedias that you CAN use a source for background information for college assignments. A few examples are listed below.

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