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Where Is My Local Public Library?

There are SO MANY different public libraries in Southern California!

To get a free library card, you usually just need proof that you live in California (a photo ID + something else with your address, like a utility bill or car registration).

If you live in the San Fernando Valley, your local public library is probably part of the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) system. There are six LAPL branches within a few miles of LAVC: Valley Plaza, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, and Panorama City. Click here to see all LAPL locations, and click here to search online for books at LAPL.

If there's no LAPL branch near you, there might be a branch of the next-largest system we have: the County of Los Angeles Public Library system. Click here to see all locations, and click here to search online for books in the LA County public libraries.

If you live outside of the San Fernando Valley or the City of Los Angeles, there's a good chance your city has one or more branches of its own public library. For example: City of Burbank, City of Glendale, City of Pasadena, and City of Santa Clarita have their own library systems.

Lists of Great Books


Ask a librarian -- especially at your public library -- to recommend a book for you! If there's a separate section in your public library for children or teens, you can ask the librarian who works in that section. They would love to talk to you about books written for younger folks that are also great for adults.

Every year, the Association for Library Service to Children awards their favorite childrens' book with the Newbery Medal. In a public library, you could try asking: "Where can I find the Newbery books?" Click here to see a list of Newbery winners online

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