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Legal Research

How to Read Legal Citations Found in Case Law and Court Opinions

For More Information on Citations (MLA, APA, Chicago)

This page will get you started, but for more information, you can click here to see the Library's comprehensive guide to Citing Sources.

Citation Help in OneSearch (or any EBSCO database)

One advantage of doing your research through the Library's website is access to built-in citation tools. You'll find the "Cite" feature pictured here in other databases we get from EBSCO (including Academic Search Complete).

Be sure to check these citations carefully before turning in your work. Computers make mistakes too! 

When you click through on the title of an article in Academic Search Complete, you see an icon that looks like a piece of paper and the word "Cite." If you're on the page with the PDF of that article, you see just the icon.




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