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Faculty Guide for Access

About Kanopy

Kanopy is a streaming video database featuring award-winning collections including titles from PBS, BBC, Criterion Collection, Media Education Foundation, and more. Note: users must register with Kanopy to stream content.

We license films from Kanopy via faculty request only. If you find a film you'd like to show for your class, please follow the instructions in this guide to request access.

Kanopy Access

Kanopy can be accessed at  A few important things to know:

  • When accessing Kanopy off-campus, you may be required to login twice -- once via SSO (the familiar blue LACCD login screen) and once via Kanopy.
  • Kanopy is free for LAVC students and faculty, but requires its own login (separate from the SSO login). When you access Kanopy, you will be prompted to create an account before you can stream a video (if you've previously created an account with Kanopy, use your established Kanopy login. You do not need to create a new account every time you login).Your Kanopy account can be associated with any email address you like. 
  • Kanopy is not currently available as an application inside of Canvas though videos can be embedded inside of Canvas using the embed code generated by Kanopy. If you add a Kanopy video to your Canvas shell with an embed code, students will still be required to login with a Kanopy account before they can stream.

Using Kanopy for the First Time

First, click the red "Visit the LAVC Collection" button:

Kanopy landing page

You will be prompted to access via LAVC. Click the orange button:

Kanopy LAVC login

You may be prompted to access via SSO if you're not already signed in:

SSO login screen

If you don't already have a Kanopy account account, you will be prompted to create one (if you have a Kanopy account, click the "log in" button in the upper right hand corner).

create Kanopy account screen

This is what success looks like:

LAVC Kanopy collection


Requesting a Film

Kanopy's search results are limited to titles that are currently licensed by the LAVC Library. Since we have few titles, your results will probably look like this:

Kanopy no results screen

Notice the arrow pointing to the grayed out "Request Access" link. Clicking here will take you to search results based on your keywords with films we can potentially license:

Kanopy request access button

When you click "request access," you will be taken to a form:

Kanopy request access form

If you would like the LAVC Library to license the film, complete the form. Kanopy offers two types of licenses: one year and three year. If you are full-time faculty member and require the film every semester, you may want to request a 3-year license, which you can indicate in the "What will this title be sued for?" field. An LAVC librarian will follow up with you within two business days.

Access For Your Students

If we're able to fulfill your request, you may provide your students with a link or embed the film inside Canvas. Both a link and embed code can be found by clicking "share":

Kanopy video link and embed code

As mentioned previously, both options require logins. Videos embedded inside Canvas will look like this:

Kanopy in Canvas

If they have not previously created a Kanopy account, your students will need to sign up. If they've used Kanopy before, they can simply login with their existing account.

If you'd like to add a saved clip or playlist to Canvas, you'll need the unique embed code. Read the detailed instructions from Kanopy.


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