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Remote Library Instruction for Spring & Summer 2020

Remote Library Instruction

Faculty interested in Library information literacy instruction for their classes should email the librarians at to request an online alternative. We can create a custom research guide for your class, or perhaps meet with your students via Zoom. Let's work together to determine the best solution for your course. 

Or, perhaps the solution already exists?

On menu to the left, you'll find links to asynchronous content to build up your students' research skills. Feel free to copy and paste any of the links to share these with your students. 

Online Library Workshop for English 101

All sections of English 101 should have a Library workshop embedded in their Canvas shells. This workshop was designed to support learning outcomes for English 101 students and provide additional support under AB-705.

For Summer 2020: Stay tuned! We are actively working to make this workshop the best it can be, hopefully in time for summer classes!

For Spring 2020: You may occasionally encounter technical glitches in certain parts of the Online Library Workshop -- in particular, a "BAD REQUEST 400" error message in Module 1, Units 6, 7, and 8. We created an alternative way for you and your students to access this content when it is misbehaving:

  • Alternative access
  • If you use this alternative, please tell your students: As they work through the Library Workshop in sequence, each next unit unlocks when the previous unit is completed. If they leave Canvas briefly to use the alternative method linked above, they will have to return to Canvas and click "Next" at the bottom of each unit to proceed forward in the Workshop.

If you're an English 101 instructor with questions about our Online Library Workshop, please email us at

Why Is Information Literacy (IL) Important?

This video requires a library login to view. Not sure what that is? Find instructions here.

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