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BUS 1 - Givhan - FA 2019

Assignment Overview

This guide will help you complete your Team Project: Business Feasibility Plan for a New Product or Service

Some of the things you will need to research include:

  • 2 competitors and their 4Ps
  • Industry trends
  • your ideal client and business location
  • size of your target market

Find Company Information

Find Industry Information

Find Businesses and Consumers in a Specific Area -- NEED LOS ANGELES PUBLIC LIBRARY CARD TO ACCESS

Find News Articles

News articles are a great way to research how businesses are viewed by the general public, whether their products and services are well-received, etc. The library has access to several useful online news search tools:

Look Up Your Username and Password for Library Computers

Do you know your school email address that includes LACCD.EDU?

If not, here are instructions for how to look up your email address. You will need this information if you want to log on to a computer in the Library, use the wireless internet (wi-fi) on the LAVC campus, or do research on the Library website from your computer at home.



First, go our college website ( and click on REGISTER.

Steps 1-3 are written here and pictured below.

Step 1: Sign in to the Student Information System.
Step 2: On the Student Homepage, click on the "Mail" box.
Step 3: A small, square window opens. Your email address is there.

3 Steps to find your library login information

The beginning of your LACCD email address (everything before the "@" symbol)
is your username for Library computers. For example:


Your password for Library computers has four numbers:
The first two for your birth month, and the next two for your birth day.
For example, if your birthday is May 14, your password is 0514.

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