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Communication 101 - Toth - Spring 2021

Other LAVC DatabasesDatabases button from Library homepage.

After using OneSearch, try out some other databases on the Library website in order to find even more sources for your speech. Our entire list of databases can be found by clicking on the green "Databases" button on the Library homepage. Our recommendations for this assignment are listed below.

Heads up: If you are using the Library website from off-campus, you will eventually be required to log in. When that time comes, please follow these directions for logging into the Library website from off-campus. If you are having trouble logging in, please email us at and we will find a solution. In your email, please tell us exactly what you are using for your username and password.

Best Databases for Up-To-Date Info on Current Issues

For in-depth help with using the databases linked above, please refer to the following guides:


Best Databases for Streaming Media (Video/Film)
Use the 2 databases linked below to try and find videos or films related to your topic. Start by trying some of the same searches we used earlier (e.g. pollution and coral reefs or human impact on coral reefs); however, if you're having trouble finding videos on your exact topic, you can broaden your search to find videos on more general topics (like coral reefs and their ecosystems in general) that can help you form a more complete picture surrounding your issue.

Additionally, you might be able to find examples of actual persuasive/informational speeches! Just add the word "speech" to any one of your searches to see if you can find examples.

The video tutorials linked below will give you a quick introduction to the databases. We also recommend taking a look at Alexander Street's "All Channels" page and Films on Demand's "Explore Subjects" page to help get you started with browsing and finding relevant material.

Did you use the streaming databases above for your paper? Make sure you're citing the video/film correctly in MLA style.


Other Websites

LAVC librarians recommend conducting the vast majority of your research through the Valley College Library website (instead of Google); however, there are some occasions when other, outside websites might be really helpful. For this particular assignment, we can recommend at least one website that we think might be helpful with your research:  Wikipedia.

Do you want to cite Wikipedia? Make sure you're citing it correctly in MLA style. More on citations on the next page of this guide.
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